Who we are?

Prani is an initiative of Into the Wild, a small Bangalore based start-up with big dreams.

We want to live in a world where humans and animals can safely co-exist, and work towards making this a reality. We bring about change by teaching the ‘correct thinking’ about animals and the natural world so we can affect our collective behaviour.

Prani is more than just a space away from the city where you can connect with nature, it is our alternative design and hope for the future.

For the past decade, we have been involved in various aspects of human-animal conflict resolution and more deeply into snakebite mitigation, for the benefit of farmers.

Experiential education is our preferred teaching approach. We facilitate interactions that involve observation, touch, feel, build, among other experiences. We nurture a child’s inborn draw to nature. Ours is an open environment that welcomes curiosity, cultivated into environmental literacy in action.

It is co-existence and responsible citizenship that we are after. At the core, we want to be a link between people and animals, reconnecting through safe, peaceful encounters.

Why do we do it?

We love animals, but they are sadly, misunderstood. Today, a child may have never seen / petted a horse, or can’t tell the difference between a sheep and a goat. This is a reality that’s hard to digest, a driving factor in the birth of Prani.

Digital detox, simply minimizing screen-time and getting outdoors, is an urgent need for a generation that’s deteriorating into obesity. We are traumatised by stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, that on the rise.

Animals h¬eal, and have an incredible therapeutic power on our mental, emotional and spiritual lives. We work with our animals to help confront and overcome fears, so children can realise their full potential as humans, citizens, creators and protectors.

Children have no space, time or access to the natural world. They need this for healthy development, to cultivate respect, humanity and appreciation of other living beings. A child’s development is enhanced by a strong connection with animals, they teach us to be better people.

Whether we like it or not, our survival depends on rebuilding environmental health. At Prani, we’re going to work on growing a network of Friends/Allies of Animals, so we have a shot at a sustainable tomorrow.

What we do?

Nature could not have designed a better classroom than the outdoors. Our ‘Habitat Classrooms’ are rooted in wildlife and ecology. We are a platform for project-based learning, and either run existing Prani Projects, or customise projects to suit a school / groups’ requirements.

We have worked extensively on urban rescues and wildlife trade cases. Commissioned to create Living with Snakes, we developed a pan-India curriculum for implementers across India to teach snakebite first aid in villages.

Our cultivated interest in urban ecology led us to creating bio-diverse habitats that support native species and promote ecological services (that we implement as ‘projects’).

We design opportunities for pro-active parenting, quality time spent on our relationships with each other and nature.

Ask for adventure activities (like repelling and zip line), that can be arranged upon request. We harness the full potential of the outdoors to teach life skills and cultivate a responsibility for the Earth we’ve got.