Explore Activities at Prani

For thousands of years, humans have developed bonds with animals and it has been mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals. At Prani, we intend to provide this experience to everyone in a safe, controlled environment. The following are the core activities that one can do in Prani:

  • Meet and interact with animals under expert guidance
  • See from a very close range
  • Touch, hold and pet
  • Feed (if the feeding schedule allows you at that point of time)
  • Clean / give bath ( for select animals only, if the schedule permits)
  • Observe their younger ones, see how their parents take care of their babies
  • Watch and learn the process of making bio-gas and its utilities
  • Learn about different pets, ways to take care of them
  • Understand the basics of human-animal relationship and how to interact with different kind of pet animals
  • Basics of gardening and take hands-on sessions of gardening

You can come with your family and friends and spend quality time in the midst of pets, nature and experts who can help you understand beautiful aspects of interacting and bonding with pet animals.

General Visitors/Groups





Day Visit

7 am through 5 pm

Walk-in, buy your pass at the gate and you are welcome anytime during our open hours.

0-2 years - free

3 years & above-  Rs. 399

Special Interest Visitors/Groups

Area of Interest

Activity / Area of Interest


Golden Pass

Get a Golden Pass and spend 24 hours on the farm developing a skill or area of interest. Overnight stay included. Cost and itinerary customised upon request.



Customize your interactions based on your area of interest. Bird watching, caring for birds, rescue, basic rehabilitation, behaviour, life cycle, naturalist training,



Customise your interactions based on your area of interest. Herping, naturalist training, captive management, rescue, behaviour, life cycle, snake safety awareness,



Join in on our regular treks or schedule a personalised adventure.


2 Day Workshop

Request a workshop, training or awareness from our experts. Programme design and cost will be agreed upon receiving your request. Subject matter expertise: wildlife rescue, habitat creation, animal husbandry, captive management, snakebite mitigation, sustainable construction, naturalist training.


Weekend Camper

Wake up and feed the horses, go to bed in a natural cottage of under starry skies. Itinerary will be shared upon request.


Family First

Love to trek or have a picnic? An outing for the family! Cost and itinerary will be shared upon request.


On Demand

Ask us anything and we’ll personally design an experience for you. Itinerary and cost will be shared upon request.


Special Packages




Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday at Prani, and all the farm animals celebrate with you!


Corporate Offsite

Get to know each other in a new environment, find what works for you as a team.


Club Outing

Spend a day away from the city, round up the friends and family.



Do it right, with our essential camping guide.


Pet’s Day Out

A large open space in which you can discover the playful, energetic side to your pet.