1. Ponies & Foal – say hello to our ponies, Gabbar and Esha who recently gave birth to Hia, a playful young male.
  2. Horses – spend a moment with Maya, feed her a carrot or two. Watch her muscular trot, or groom her mane.
  3. Cows – get to know our cows, experience milking one, what it takes to raise a calf, understand how biogas works with a live demo of a plant.
  4. Sheep – bathe the woolly sheep, and then take them grazing as you explore new trails.
  5. Goats – watch in wonder as the more experienced goats walk that fine balance between a rock and a hard place.

Home of Rodents: SMALL MAMMALS

  1. Rabbits – chase the rabbit down around its pen, or cuddle the young.
  2. Gerbils – watch this relative of the kangaroo, do its typical vertical walk. These nocturnal rodents will keep you up.
  3. Hamsters – this big, fluffy smarty will polish his treats off in seconds, feed him and watch the fun.
  4. Chinese Dwarf Hamsters – it never gets old to watch these little guys running wildly on their hamster wheels, you can’t miss this one!

Feathered Friends: BIRDS

  1. Emus – marvel at these land bound birds, as they stare at your with piercing eyes.
  2. Turkey
  3. Guinea Fowl
  4. Silver Pheasant
  5. Golden Tailed Pheasant
  6. Quail
  7. Ducks
  8. Geese
  9. Pigeons
  10. Rooster & Hens


  1. African Clawed Frogs
  2. Red Eared Sliders