Dos and Don’ts

Here is our guidelines to make your visit a pleasant one and avoid any accidents and injuries. Following these will not only help you but also the health and well-being of animals too.

Pack your bag appropriately:

As you are going to be exposed to natural elements and pet animals, wear light coloured clothes, shoes and caps, sun-glasses if required. As we are away from the city, bring any medication that you or your people may need on a short notice.

Safety is of paramount importance:

Do not do any activity that will jeopardise the safety of your and others. Keep a close watch on children, prevent them from going into the enclosures, doing provocative things to animals, and climbing stairs in an unattended manner.

Don’t feed the animals just anything:

All animals in zoos are on special diets. So please do not feed anything thing that is not approved by the Prani staff. It can harm the animal. Any feeding activity has to be carried out strictly in agreement with guidelines laid out by Prani staff.

Don’t sneak up on the animals:

When you first meet an animal, approach it on its terms. Make sure an animal sees and hears you before you touch it. If you surprise them, they can get startled.

Make with the shoulder rubs:

Majority of animals like shoulder scratches/rubs. AND most animals don’t like being touched on their faces. So never do anything that irritates/startles an animal – it can get provoked.

Be mindful of body language:

Pay attention to an animal's eyes, ears, and hair. When an animal pins its ears back against its head, it's best to move away. In addition, the hair along a goat's back and neck will stand straight up, just like a cat, when it is upset. Sheep will back up and paw at the ground.

Just chill:

Animals, like people, respond best to a calm and gentle demeanor, so it’s important to discourage kids from yelling and running around them. Too much excitement may annoy animals, and if an animal does begin to move away, never chase it. And no matter how sweet or gentle an animal seems, you should never give it kisses or hugs or try to pick it up.

Full Disclosure:

It is your responsibility to let us know if you have a phobia or an allergy, before we begin animal interactions.

Be Hygienic:

Follow the prescribed precautions to protect yourself from animal transmitted diseases. Be alert about things like not touching your hand to your face or other parts, if you have been cleaning or touched dung.