The Prani team undertakes implementation of projects in the following areas:

Building Water Bodies:

Small and large outdoor ponds, especially designed to provide natural habitat for fish, amphibians and other animals. Can be implemented in landscaped apartment complexes, home front yards and back yards, schools.

Building Aquariums:

Ultra large aquariums for homes, offices and hotels/restaurants – specially designed for specific types of fish.

Building Bamboo Homes with Thatched Roofs:

Naturally beautiful, low cost, thatched hut-like structures can provide the additional space you are looking for in your farms and back yards. These eco-friendly structures can be built in weeks and last for years.

Training and Workshops:

Workshop and training or awareness camps can be conducted by our experts, at your location. Programme design and cost will be agreed upon receiving your request. Subject matter expertise: wildlife rescue, habitat creation, animal husbandry, captive management, snakebite mitigation, sustainable construction, naturalist training.