Sanjeev Pednekar

Sanjeev is primarily an animal rights preserver by nature, herpetologist by profession and conservationist by passion – all rolled into one. He started off as a school kid interested in animals and fascinated by snakes in particular. By the age of 16, he was full-fledged snake rescuer. Even today, he’s an active member of BBMP’s urban animal rescue team and Forest Cell. He has worked with Romulus Whitaker, world-renowned herpetologist on the King Cobra project in association with Agumbe Rainforest Research Center (ARRS). He believes conservation is the only way forward and passionately fosters people to peacefully co-exist with animals. He conducts regular experiential learning workshops for school children and adults alike, through “Into the Wild”, a company which he initiated in 2012. Prani is a venture close to Sanjeev’s heart; through Prani, he aims to raise awareness about animals among the urban, who are fast losing every opportunity to interact with them. He would consider Prani to be hugely successful if he can motivate every person who visits Prani to conserve nature and be sensitive to animal habitat.

Karthik Prabhu⁠⁠⁠⁠

Karthik is dedicated towards raising awareness about co-existing with animals. He is passionate about facilitating interactions with animals and actively involving communities and building their capacity toward tolerance. Equipped with 13 years of experience in wildlife rescue, relocation and rehabilitation, Karthik has worked in Sea Turtles Conservation Project by NEST, Pondicherry, Docent Program at Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, and the FERAL project involving study of barriers for larger mammals, to name a few. He also founded the Shanthi Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation Trust at Puducherry. Kathik wants to shape Prani as a platform for people to interact with animals and know more about how to co-exist with them peacefully. He has been instrumental in setting up as natural an environment for all the animals at Prani.